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Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Only the fool sayeth there is no God."

"Only the fool sayeth there is no God" ( Hugo da Silva 10/13/17). Note: Yes, Hugo is a fictional character speaking this incredible truth.

(2017 ProLife Voter's Guide (Pa Pro Life Federation

FW: Urgent PA Pro-Life Legislative update--they're trying to take away our right to vote for judges [5/9/17]

2017 Judicial Primary Guide (Pa

Contacting our elected officials regarding the sanctity of human life and marriage/family: On the right side of the home page is a link to email the White House and the Pa Delegation in D.C. on federal/international matters, as well as a link to email the Bucks County Delegation in Harrisburg on state matters.

(Click the above image to enlarge

MassResistance Colorado helps stop horrible anti-therapy bill in state legislature (Mass Resistance, 5/17/17[sic])

Our Lady of Fatima showed them hell. Why pro-lifers should care 100 years later (LifeSiteNews, 5/12/17)

New Human Trafficking Foundation May Support Abortion and Prostitution (C-Fam, 5/12/17)

A powerful, important read: Wall Street Journal on the 'epochal shift' of Christians from the Middle East (Get Religion, 5/12/17)

Therapists Fight Efforts to Block Treatment for Same-Sex Attraction/Behavior (C-Fam, 5/4/17)

Pray for Life (USCCB, 5/4/17

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