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Friday, November 29, 2013

"Some Pennsylvania Catholic Colleges Hesitant to Follow Bishops’ Lead Opposing HHS Mandate"

Say, aren't there also Pa dioceses in places like Allentown, Greenville, and Scranton - as well as an archdiocese somewhere in Pa? Why are we not hearing more statements like those of Bishops Zubik and Persico - or am I missing them?

"The bishops in Pittsburgh and Erie have stated that they will not comply with the HHS mandate, but some of the Catholic colleges in their dioceses appear to be less resolute....

"The charge was led by Pittsburgh’s Bishop David Zubik and Erie’s Bishop Lawrence Persico who stated that they cannot cooperate with the mandate because it violates their sincerely held religious beliefs.  Bishop Zubik told The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 'I would not be able to live with myself knowing that we're contradicting what we believe'....

"The relative silence from Pittsburgh-area Catholic colleges stands in stark contrast to the statements by Bishop Zubik, who plans on combating the mandate for as long as it takes to win ...

"In the Catholic Diocese of Erie, Bishop Persico mirrored Bishop Zubik’s resolve to resist the HHS mandate."

 - See more at:’-Lead-Opposing-HHS-Mandate.aspx#sthash.75s6Fqdv.dpuf

 more at:’-Lead-Opposing-HHS-Mandate.aspx#sthash.75s6Fqdv.dpuf

See more at:’-Lead-Opposing-HHS-Mandate.aspx#sthash.75s6Fqdv.dpuf

See more at:’-Lead-Opposing-HHS-Mandate.aspx#sthash.75s6Fqdv.dpuf’-Lead-Opposing-HHS-Mandate.aspx

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