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Friday, February 28, 2014

Christie Should Veto A-1259/S-873

NJ's A-1259/S-873

Yesterday, A-1259/S-873 passed the two houses of the Jersey legislature. "Both supporters and opponents...say they support giving more access to medical histories.... [Opponents] want to allow birth parents to have their names redacted from the adoptees’ birth certificates and to let them provide medical histories through an intermediary, without identifying information"(NJSpotlight, 2/11/14).

New Jersey Catholic Conference Executive Director Patrick R. Brannigan said the conference supports giving full access to medical histories, as well as cultural and social histories, as long as identifying information is not included" (NJSpotlight, 2/11/14 ).

Pro-Life Pennsylvanians should be very concerned about this legislation and the precedent it sets for our own HB 162. New Jersey Right to Life has a link to ask Gov Christie to veto A1259/S873. You may want to point out some bizarre inconsistencies....

While A1259/S873 is supposedly just about getting info to young adults about their biological parents, the anonymity of so-called egg donors or so-called sperm donors would remain intact! Yet commitments of anonymity to birth parents who gave children up for adoption would be disregarded!  Those daring to compete with the Author of Life get a free pass, while the birth parents of adopters are treated with callous disregard.

1 comment:

  1. There WERE no such guarantees of anonymity to birth parents. The birth records weren't sealed until (and only if) a child was adopted - with the purpose of protecting the ADOPTIVE parents from interference from the birth parent. If the child was never adopted, the records were never sealed, and the birth parent identities were not "protected".

    Stop the lies - why not protect the health of adopted individuals for them and for their children by allowing them the possibility of knowledge!?


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