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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

state issues (3/7/17 update)

As per the Pa Catholic Conference,

As per the Pa Pro Life Federation,
  • Let your state Senator know you don't want your right to vote for judges to be taken away (2/16/17)
  • Dismemberment abortion ban legislation in House committee--calls and emails needed [TO PRO LIFE MEMBERS OF THE HEALTH COMMITTEE] (2/22/17)
  • Oppose HB 111 (3/6/17)

As per the Pro Life Coalition of Pennsylvania, 
  • "The Pa. House likely has a veto proof majority (of 136 votes) to pass S.B.3.[cf, Pa Catholic Conference, Pa Pro Life Federation] However, the Pa. House leaders have not yet committed to run S.B.3.  They are considering introducing and running H.B.77....The Pa. Senate leaders are currently taking the position, 'We will not have another Senate Floor debate on this legislation.'  Thus, the Pa. House's passage of H.B.77 and failure to pass S.B.3 will likely result in a stalemate in which no pro-life legislation is sent to Gov. Wolf because the Pa. Senate refuses to run H.B.77 and the Pa. House refuses to run S.B.3.  Such a stalemate only serves the interests of Pa.'s abortion industry....Please contact Speaker Turzai and Rep. Baker, and urge them to run S.B.3 in the Pa. House and not H.B.77.  Their contact information is
Speaker Mike Turzai
Capitol office: 717-772-9943
District office: 412-369-2230

Rep. Matt Baker
Capitol office: 717-772-5371
District office (Wellsboro): 570-724-1390
District office (Troy): 570-297-3045
" (3/3/17)
  • The Pro Life Coalition of Pa also supports anticipated legislation, which "would assign the lowest priority for the receipt of state 'women's health services' any abortion-committing organization" (3/3/17)

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