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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Pa Pro Life Federation urges us to ask our members of congress to support HR 1628, WHICH MAY RECEIVE A VOTE TOMORROW!

UPDATE: As per today's email from the Pa Pro Life Federation, "call your Congressman and urge him to vote 'yes' on the pro-life health care bill, H.R. 1628, which may be voted on Thursday. You can reach your Congressman through the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121."

 "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word" *

  • Click here to review the federal positions backed by our bishops.  On the right side of the home page is a link to send a combined email to the offices of Pa's congressional delegation, regarding those positions.
  • Click here to review state positions backed by the Pa Catholic Conference, the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania and/or the Pa Pro Life Federation.  On the right side of the home page is a link to send a combined email to Bucks County's representatives and senators in Harrisburg.
    • With regard to the dismemberment abortion ban [cf, Pa Catholic Conference, Pa Pro Life Federation], the Pro Life Coalition of Pa tells us that "The Pa. House likely has a veto proof majority (of 136 votes) to pass S.B.3.  However, the Pa. House leaders have not yet committed to run S.B.3....the Pa. House's passage of H.B.77 and failure to pass S.B.3 will likely result in a stalemate in which no pro-life legislation is sent to Gov. Wolf because the Pa. Senate refuses to run H.B.77 and the Pa. House refuses to run S.B.3....Please contact Speaker Turzai and Rep. Baker, and urge them to run S.B.3 in the Pa. House and not H.B.77." 

Catholic Medical Ethics and Our Need to be Authentic Witnesses to the Sanctity of Human Life

  • On the right side of the home page is a link to email USCCB President Cardinal DiNardo, USCCB Pro Life Chair Cardinal Dolan, USCCB Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth Chair Archbishop Chaput, and National Catholic Bioethics Center President John Haas, PhD, STL.

Say, Hasn't the Church Already Said a Few Things about Marriage/Family/Sexuality? (1/29/17)

  • "The confessor does not do his own will and he does not teach his own doctrine. He is called to do always and only the will of God, in full communion with the Church, of which he is minister, that is, servant....the Confessional is place of evangelization and, therefore, of formation....To hear confessions is a pastoral priority. Please, let there not be those notices: 'Confessions are heard only on Mondays and Wednesdays from this hour to that hour.' You hear confessions every time they are requested. And if you are there [in the Confessional] praying, keep the Confessional open, which is God’s open heart" (Pope Francis, 3/17/17)
Catholic Social Teaching
  • The 30 articles of the UN's Declaration of Human Rights (3/20/17 photos)

  • "The United States mustn’t cut foreign aid while conflicts, famines, and a worldwide refugee crisis rage, Catholic leaders are insisting" (EWTN News / CNA, 3/19/17)
  • On our duty to welcome the stranger (Archbishop Chaput, 3/17/17)

  • Trafficking Survivors Tell UN: Strengthen Families To Protect Women and Girls (C-Fam, 3/17/17)

  • More organizations appeal to Trump – ‘Religious liberty is in crisis’ (LifeSite, 3/15/17)
  • "The Report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic, as well as other sources, depict all too well the disastrous situation that  continues to unfold after more than six  years of violence: hundreds of thousands of victims and wounded; family-life disrupted; infrastructure, houses, schools, hospitals, and places of worship wrecked; entire cities ravaged; malnutrition and inadequate medical care. This is the grim reality that the Syrian people face every delegation wishes to emphasize that the dignity inherent in every human person must take every precedence over power and revenge.  The unjust suffering of the innocent victims of this senseless slaughter should motivate all involved parties to engage in a serious dialogue and to work towards a future of peace and justice" (Holy See to the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on Syria, 3/14/17).  
* Photos from the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth:

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