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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Admitting Privileges, Pa's DOMA, "The Manhattan Declaration in Philadelphia", Rally for Religious Freedom, Pa Primaries, "The Pill Kills", "March for Marriage"

April 29, 1PM - Show Support for HB 1762 on the Main Capitol Steps in Harrisburg

Kudos to Bucks County's Rep Paul Clymer, who joined in introducing H.B. 1762Click to Email a request that Representatives DiGirolamo, Galloway, and Watson (who are believed to be pro life) join Representative Clymer (& DiGirolamo?) as co-sponsors of HB 1762, and that they reintroduce Ultrasound Legislation.  While supporting HB 1762, our Catholic hospitals must disassociate themselves from those who market in abortifacients/ contraceptives, IVF specialists, and specialists in "selective reduction" (a euphemism for abortion).  

"I Support Marriage and Pennsylvania's DOMA."

"Gov. Tom Corbett on Monday night filed a request in federal court asking U.S. Middle District Judge John Jones to hand down a summary judgment in lieu of a trial, which had been set for June 9.  Corbett's motion, filed by attorney William Lamb, who is representing the Commonwealth in the case, concludes that the 1996 Pennsylvania Marriage Law passes constitutional muster under the applicable rational basis review, and for that reason, Jones should rule in favor of the state.  Corbett’s request came just hours after attorneys for the 11 couples challenging the state Defense of Marriage Act on Monday filed a similar motion. Attorneys with the American Civil Liberties Union are among those representing the plaintiffs.  Jones is not expected to decide on whether he will rule on the case without a trial until after May 12" (Ivey DeJesus,, 4/22/14).  The Pennsylania Catholic Conference has a special site, to facilitate messages to Governor Corbett: "I Support Marriage and Pennsylvania's DOMA."

May 2, 5:30PM - "The Manhattan Declaration in Philadelphia"

"Join His Excellency, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap., Archbishop of interfaith prayer service, and a religious liberty forum" (See

May 8 - Rally for Religious Freedom -- US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, 333 Constitution Ave., NW Washington, DC 

Please see materials from Priests for Life:

May 20 - Primaries in Pennsylvania

In addition to Gov. Corbett / Lt. Gov. Cawley and all senators / representatives representing Bucks County in Harrisburg, Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is up for re-election in 2014 (See More on the May 20th primaries....).  What can you do to advocate for the sanctity of human life and marriage/family among our incumbents?   
  1. The Pa Catholic Conference supports SB 75 [to stop Human Trafficking], as well as Marriage and Pennsylvania's DOMA.  The Pa Catholic Conference has also described how the Pa ''House of Representatives passed House Bill 587 to increase the penalty for those who commit the crime of impersonating a doctor of medicine.'' The Pa Catholic Conference OPPOSES HB 162 and HB 300 / SB 300. You can click to Email Gov. Corbett and all of Bucks County's incumbent representatives and senators (i.e., Rep. Clymer, Rep. Davis, Rep. DiGirolomo, Rep. Farry, Rep. Galloway, Rep. O'Neill, Rep. Petri, Rep. Quinn, Rep. Santarsiero, Rep. Watson, Sen. Greenleaf, Sen. McIlhinney, Sen. Mensch, and Sen. Tomlinson) on these matters.
  2. As mentioned earlier, you can Click to Email a request that Representatives DiGirolamo, Galloway, and Watson (who are believed to be pro life) join Representative Clymer (and Rep DiGirolamo???) as co-sponsors of Admitting Privileges Legislation (HB 1762), and that they reintroduce Ultrasound Legislation.
  3. As per the Pennsylvania Family Council, "Tell Your State Lawmakers: 'Please do NOT support Planned Parenthood.'"
  4. Click to Email Gov. Corbett and all of Bucks County's representatives and senators in Harrisburg, asking that they support Chloe's Law and OPPOSE SB 872.  Chloe's Law is meant to battle the silent genocide of pre-born children with Down Syndrome (  SB 872 would mirror poorly advised legislation from California (which the U.S. Supreme Court has been asked to review) and New Jersey. 
  5. As per the 4/25/14 Philadelphia Inquirer, Mike "Fitzpatrick says this will be his last run for Congress." We need Mike Fitzpatrick to unapologetically co-sponsor/support HR 3279, HJRes51, HR3133, HR3829, and HR 1091.  We need him to clearly OPPOSE HR1755, HR2278, and Planned Parenthood!  We need him to stand tall and come out in defense of marriage/family.  Click to Email Rep. Fitzpatrick on these and related matters. 

June 7 - "The Pill Kills"

Even dedicated pro life people make the mistake of hugely underestimating abortion numbers. When you count abortions from chemical and mechanical methods, there have been 308,000,000 in the United States, since Roe v. Wade (cf, Pharmacists for Life International )!  Oftentimes, products that are marketed as "contraceptives" can work in abortifacient manners.  For example, all hormonal "contraceptives" can work as abortifacients - not just Plan B. On June 7, the American Life League's STOPP International, is urging law-abiding, peaceful, prayerful local efforts to focus "on the death and damage heaped upon women and babies by [so-called] contraceptives" (cf., In addition to all those local pharmacies (including those in department stores and supermarkets) selling abortifacients/contraceptives, 2 of the world's "leading" manufacturers of "the Pill" are headquartered in our own backyard: Teva of North Wales and Wyeth of St. Davids (See and

June 19 - March for Marriage

The Catholic Church proclaims the truth, that "The origin of human life has its authentic context in marriage and the family, where it is generated in an act which expresses the reciprocal love between a man and a woman" (Dignitas Personae, 9/8/08).  The rights of kids to a mom and dad (married to each other) was also the message of the 2013 March for Marriage.  This is a social justice issue - a civil rights issue.  It takes nothing away from the heroic struggle of "single parents" abandoned by spouses, to acknowledge that:

  1. children have the right to both a mom and a dad, and 
  2. children have the right for their mom and dad to be married to each other
Info about the 2014 March for Marriage is available from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at  Info from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is available at www.marriagemarch.orgPope Francis has continued to proclaim the timeless truth about marriage and family.

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