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Sunday, December 18, 2016

No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act, Conscience Protection Act, Defund Planned Parenthood.

No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act, Conscience Protection Act, Defund Planned Parenthood.

  • Human Life Action (HLA) is "a project of National Committee for a Human Life Amendment, Inc., (NCHLA)."  As per NCHLA Executive Director Amy McInerny, the NCHLA is "an effort founded by the U.S. Bishops in 1974....NCHLA does grassroots lobbying at the federal level on behalf of the bishops and works directly with the USCCB’s Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities. Once the bishops have made their pro-life policy position known...., it is NCHLA’s job to educate and engage the people in the pews and to motivate them to contact their members of Congress to urge them to vote in support of life" (The Catholic Thing, 8/20/15).  As per Ms. McInerny's 12/16/16 email:  
    "Looking ahead to a new Congress and a new Administration, we hope to see action on a number of pro-life priorities. Some bills we may see include No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion, Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act, Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act, and an effort to redirect funding from abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood.  And, of course, we continue to hold as a priority the enactment of the policy of the Conscience Protection Act!"
  • "Barack Obama’s Health and Human Services Department (HHS) issued a final rule...designed to thwart state efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.  The rule bans withholding federal funds from the abortion giant’s affiliates and other entities that perform abortion for any reason other than the ability to provide Title X 'family planning' services, and is scheduled to take effect two days prior to President-elect Donald Trump’s January 20 inauguration.  The regulation is in direct response to the effort of more than a dozen states to defund Planned Parenthood, and was set up by HHS to entail a laborious process to undo, the New York Times reports....Republican Congressman Diane Black from Tennessee sharply criticized the HHS rule as an apparent desperate move on the part of the outgoing Obama Administration in the wake of a changing legislative landscape for the pro-life cause after Trump’s surprise election....Black and others condemned the rule last September, with more than 100 members of Congress sending on a bipartisan, bicameral letter in its opposition later that month" (LifeSiteNews, 12/14/16

    • "I encourage all of you, the sick, the suffering, physicians, nurses, family members and volunteers, to see in Mary, Health of the Infirm, the sure sign of God’s love for every human being and a model of surrender to his will.....the infirm and the suffering desire not only to be healed, but also to live a truly Christian life, even to the point of offering it as authentic missionary disciples of Christ....The solidarity shown by Christ, the Son of God born of Mary, is the expression of God’s merciful omnipotence, which is made manifest in our life – above all when that life is frail, pain-filled, humbled, marginalized and suffering – and fills it with the power of hope that can sustain us and enable us to get up again....On this World Day of the Sick, may we find new incentive to work for the growth of a culture of respect for life, health and the environment. May this Day also inspire renewed efforts to defend the integrity and dignity of persons, not least through a correct approach to bioethical issues, the protection of the vulnerable and the protection of the environment" (Pope Francis, Message for World Day of the Sick [2/11/17], 12/8/16). 

    • "Please send a message to the AMA today asking them to support the dignity of every person and the need for supportive and comprehensive end of life care" (Pa Catholic Conference).

    • Action Alert to the Department of Homeland Security: Ensure the well-being of Haitians affected by Hurricane Matthew (USCCB)

    • "In order for celibacy to be a truly free choice, seminarians must be led to understand, by the light of faith, the evangelical power of such a gift.176  At the same time they should be able to esteem correctly the values of the married state: 'Marriage and celibacy are two states of authentic Christian life.  Both are specific expressions of the Christian vocation'177" (Congregation for the Clergy, The Gift of the Priestly Vocation, 12/7/16, p. 48).

    • re: "Why are we not protecting married couples from the violence of contraception — the divorce of unitive and procreative aspects of the beautiful gift of sexuality? Why are we afraid of helping our brothers and sisters to live in truth, according to their dignity?" (12/3/16)

    • Mum, Dad and Kids Initiative Still Collecting Signatures (Zenit, 11/30/16)
    •  "At the beginning of this New Year, I offer heartfelt wishes of peace to the world’s peoples and nations, to heads of state and government, and to religious, civic and community leaders. I wish peace to every man, woman and child, and I pray that the image and likeness of God in each person will enable us to acknowledge one another as sacred gifts endowed with immense dignity. Especially in situations of conflict, let us respect this, our 'deepest dignity', and make active nonviolence our way of life" (Pope Francis, Message for 50th World Day of Peace [i.e., 1/1/17], 12/8/16).
    • "Every day I am close, above all in prayer, to the people of Aleppo.…I make a call to everyone to commit, so that there might be a choice for civilization: no to destruction, yes to peace, yes to the people of Aleppo and of Syria" (Pope Francis, 12/11/16)
    • "In the painful experience of these [migrant] brothers and sisters, we see again that of the Baby Jesus, who at the moment of birth did not find lodging and was born in a cave of Bethlehem; and then He was taken to Egypt to flee from Herod’s threat" (Pope Francis, 12/9/16).
    • Lawsuit Seeks to Decriminalize Prostitution in California; Anti-Porn Group Warns of Sex Trafficking Link (The Christian Post, 12/9/16)
    • We Can’t Contracept Our Way to Maternal and Child Health (C-Fam, 12/8/16)
    • Call to Prayer (USCCB, 12/16/16)
    • Major religious freedom law might get a Christmas upgrade (Crux, 12/15/16)
    •  St Francis Xavier and "Silence" (12/3/16)
    • Protest Paramount’s Blasphemous Film “Office Christmas Party”(Return to Order)

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