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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"Brothers and sisters: you are not in the flesh; on the contrary, you are in the spirit, if only the Spirit of God dwells in you."

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Petition for the release of Charlie Gard from Great Ormond Street Hospital's care.

  • Marriage/Family/Sexuality and God's beautiful plan for human happiness (7/1/17)
    • National NFP Awareness Week (USCCB, 7/23/17 - 7/29/17)
    • Marriage Unique for a Reason: July 2017 Newsletter (USCCB, 7/1/17)
    • "Primal Loss: The Now Adult Children of Divorce Speak....should be required reading for anyone who thinks that divorce is [a] 'good thing' for their children—or even for them.  Consider the following passage from the book, in which a woman writes of suffering through her parent’s divorce during her youth:
      My grandparents’ generation had to deal with a lot — war, undiagnosed PTSD, and alcoholism—but they had a noble idea: That you sacrificed your own happiness for your children’s well-being. You took on all the heartache so they didn’t have to. …
      My parent’s generation inverted that. They decided it was better a child should have her world torn apart than that an adult should bear any suffering. Of course, they didn’t frame it that way. They wanted to believe that the child would suffer less, because children were just extensions of the mother, and the mother would theoretically be happier [p. 131]....
      "Disclaimer: Not everyone who is divorced came to be so in the same way. Some tried hard to save their marriage but their spouse was unwilling. Others came to conversion later in life. Still others were physically endangered during the marriage. This essay is not to be construed as a general condemnation of all who are divorced. Rather, it is a heartfelt plea that amidst today’s divorce culture we count the full cost of divorce and that we remember that marriage is first and foremost about what is best for children" (Msgr. Charles Pope, 6/28/17). 
    • What can priests practically do to combat the porn epidemic? (EWTN, 6/14/17)
(The Sea of Galilee)
  • "....Although I was saddened by Pope Francis's decision not to renew Cardinal Gerhard Muller for a second term as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith, I take consolation and encouragement from the fact that the Holy Father has appointed as Cardinal Muller's successor Archbishop Luis Ladaria. I know both men and hold them in high esteem....I am not privy to the Pope's reasoning in making these decisions, but I can tell you what is NOT going on here. He is not replacing a 'conservative' with a 'liberal'....I am sorry to see Cardinal Muller leave the CDF. He is a treasure of the Church and a true apostle. May God reward him--all six feet seven inches of him--for his dedicated and selfless service. I know I am far from alone in feeling enormous gratitude for his work and witness" (Professor Robert George of Princeton University, 7/1/17).

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