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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Praying for Charlie Gard and His Parents, "that they may find God's consolation and love."

 “....This is one of the hardest things that we will ever have to say and we are about to do the hardest thing that we'll ever have to do, which is to let our beautiful little Charlie go. 

"Put simply, this is about a sweet, gorgeous innocent little boy who was born with a rare disease who had a real genuine chance at life and a family who loved him so very dearly. And that’s why we fought so hard for him....

"We are now in July and our poor boy has been left to just lie in hospital for months without any treatment whilst lengthy court battles have been fought.


"Tragically having had Charlie’s medical notes reviewed by independent experts, we now know had Charlie been given the treatment sooner, he would have had the potential to be a normal healthy little boy....

"All we wanted to do was take Charlie from one world-renowned hospital to another world-renowned hospital in the attempt to save his life and to be treated by the world leader in mitochondrial disease.

"We'll have to live with the what-ifs which will haunt us for the rest of our lives.


"Despite the way that our beautiful son has been spoken about sometimes, as if he is not worthy of a chance at life, our son is an absolute warrior and we could not be prouder of him and we will miss him terribly....

"To Charlie we say mummy and daddy, we love you so much. We always have and we always will and we are so sorry we couldn't save you.

"Sweet dreams baby, sleep tight our beautiful little boy. We love you” (Chris Gard and Connie Yates, 7/24/17)

“Pope Francis is praying for Charlie and his parents and feels especially close to them at this time of immense suffering. The Holy Father asks that we join in prayer that they may find God’s consolation and love” (Declaration of the Director of the Holy See Press Office, 7/24/17)

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Ask your Member of Congress to repeal D.C.'s "Death with Dignity Act" (Family Policy Alliance, 7/18/17)
Don't let the Dismemberment Abortion Ban Be Abandoned - Tell Pa House Speaker Mike Turzai and Majority Leader Dave Reed to "RUN SB 3 NOW" (7/14/17). 
"....stroll through the [World Trade Center] Oculus between now and July 23...and you’ll be greeted by a towering masterwork which [was] painted over 500 years ago by Michelangelo for Rome’s Sistine Chapel....'Up Close: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel' features 34 near life-sized reproductions of panels from Michelangelo’s frescoes for the Sistine Chapel, along with a towering recreation of The Last Judgement....Art historian and researcher Dr. Lynn Catterson took gave an annotated tour of the show to media...'We don’t have a lot of interior spaces with frescoes of this scale and quality,' Catterson told the press. Not only is Michelangelo’s version of the biblical story one of the most famous images in the world, it’s also a grand statement from the Catholic Church at the height of the Reformation, she says...." (Alanna Martinez, Observer, 6/23/17)

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