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Monday, January 30, 2017

FW: Please help us stop assisted suicide in PA

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From: Maria
Sent: ‎1/‎30/‎2017 3:36 PM
Subject: Please help us stop assisted suicide in PA

Dear Pro-Life Leaders,

A bill that would legalize assisted suicide, Senate Bill 238, has been introduced in the PA Senate and referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. A copy of the bill is attached. You can also find it online at

Please contact the committee chairman, Senator Stewart Greenleaf, along with the following pro-life members of the committee, with this urgent message: Please oppose Senate Bill 238. It is a dangerous bill which would legalize assisted suicide in Pennsylvania. For the safety of our senior citizens, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable citizens, I urge you to oppose Senate Bill 238!

For your convenience, I am including contact information below:

Senator Stewart Greenleaf: (717) 787-6599;

Senator John Rafferty: (717) 787-1398;

Senator Joseph Scarnati: (717) 787-7084;

Senator Richard Alloway:  (717) 787-4651;

Senator John Eichelberger:  (717) 787-5490;

Senator John Gordner: (717) 787-8928 (email unavailable)

Senator Wayne Langerholc: (717) 787-5400;

Senator Guy Reschenthaler:  (717) 787-5839 (email unavailable)

Senator Randy Vulakovich: (717) 787-6538;

Senator Gene Yaw: (717) 787-3280;

Thank you for making these critical calls and sending these important emails!

All the best,

Maria V. Gallagher
Legislative Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation


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