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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Migration, Sanctity of Marriage/Family, Sanctity of Human Life[capwiz:queue_id]
  • While rightly reminding us of the importance of immigration to a healthy economy, a recent Philadelphia Inquirer editorial bizarrely and completely ignored the impact of abortion and the Culture of Death on our declining population!:
"the federal government released the latest cautionary note about our demographic future, announcing last summer that the U.S. birthrate had hit a record low....

"The U.S. birthrate dropped below 60 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age in the second quarter of this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported, the lowest figure since the government began tracking the statistic more than a century ago. The next quarter saw a slight rebound, but not enough to change an inexorable downward trend dating to the baby boom and, since the Great Recession, often outpacing expectations....

"A shrinking population may improve the parking situation, but given the consequences for the labor force, economic growth, and tax revenue, it doesn't do much else for developed nations.

"Japan, plagued by few births and general hostility to immigration, has seen its population decline and its economy stagnate. Italy, Spain, and other European nations are facing similar demographic and economic pressures....

"Japan and other fertility-challenged nations have discovered that once negative population trends have begun, they're difficult to reverse" (U.S. Needs More Babies, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/6/17)
  • "Peace on earth to men and women of goodwill, who work quietly and patiently each day, in their families and in society, to build a more humane and just world, sustained by the conviction that only with peace is there the possibility of a more prosperous future for all" (Pope Francis, 12/25/16).
  • "There are forms of ideological colonization which are out to destroy the family" (Pope Francis, 1/16/15)
  • re: "Encyclical of the Synod of Bishops of the Major Archbishopric of Kyiv-Halych of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Concerning the Danger of Gender Ideology" (1/7/17
    • "Psychiatrist Richard Corradi calls transgenderism a 'contagion of mass delusion.' As a former transgender, I can tell you that Dr. Corradi is correct" (Walt Heyer, 1/5/17
  • Marriage: Unique for a Reason (USCCB, 1/5/17)
    • Made for the Common Good: Marriage safeguards justice (USCCB)
    • "We need to remember that God created us to rest with Him, not the way people lounge on a couch, but the way an elderly married couple can sit together on a bench and share a love deeper than words. We need to have that kind of leisurely love with God....It’s our job to propose to the world anew the truth about itself: That it was loved into existence by a God who died at its hands, but Who nonetheless rose again in glory to save it" (Archbishop Chaput, 1/5/17)
  • "Utah's most prominent anti-porn lawmaker wants to give people the ability to sue pornographers in an attempt to prove that watching their product causes emotional and psychological damage....[ Sen. Todd] Weiler got the idea for the public-health resolution from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation....And he's not surprised to see lawmakers in other states taking a look at it" (The Salt Lake Tribune, 1/3/17).  See boycotts and/or other actions from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.
  •  Say NO to Providers of Abortifacients/Contraceptives (1/7/17)
  • "no 'Catholic' social service or education effort is effectively pursued or sustained without a strong Catholic identity and religious sense of mission....cooperation can sometimes run the risk of turning Catholic organizations into sub-contractors for donors, foundations and public agencies with very different anthropologies and thus very different notions of authentic human development.... our focus is very much on protecting and deepening the Catholic identity of our ministries" (Archbishop Chaput, 11/30/16)
  • Pope Francis, Message for World Day of the Sick (2/11/17
    • Aren't these efforts tantamount to assaulting the conscience rights of health care workers in mental health services? (12/23/16)
    • "If Catholic hospitals continue to allow this [i.e., so-called emergency contraception], given this overwhelming evidence, are they still Catholic?" (Dr. Brian Koop, 3/1/16)
    • "Please send a message to the AMA today asking them to support the dignity of every person and the need for supportive and comprehensive end of life care" (Pa Catholic Conference).

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