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Sunday, February 19, 2017

"Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?" (1 Corinthians 3: 16)

  • An updated version of the Vatican's 1994 Charter for Health Care Workers has been long awaited (eg., Catholic News Service, 11/13/2012); The DivineMercy, 5/6/15):

    • "At a Vatican press conference on February 6, the new dicastery for Integral Human Development introduced a new Charter for Health-Care Workers....The Charter provides encouragement and guidance for health-care workers in coping with three stages of human life: 'generating, living, dying.' Regarding 'generating,' the document affirms the Church’s teaching on the immorality of abortion and destructive embryo research. It calls for treating infertility problems only by natural methods, and without destroying unborn lives.  The 'living' section includes articles on topics as diverse as anencephaly, ectopic pregnancy, embryo reduction, vaccines, regenerative medicine, and the treatment of rare diseases with 'orphan drugs.' The section on 'dying' stresses the need to respect the dignity of the person, providing care but not extraordinary or burdensome treatment for those who are terminally ill." (, 2/16/17)

    By our actions, all of us need to be authentic witness to the sanctity of human life proclaimed by Catholic medical ethics.

  • "Her real name never appeared on the Supreme Court case that led to legalizing abortion nationwide ....In the end, she came out as a strong opponent of abortion and claimed that she had been used by lawyers working to overturn state restrictions of the practice....'Norma has been a friend of mine, and of Priests for Life, for more than 20 years,' said Father Frank Pavone....McCorvey called Father Pavone 'the catalyst that brought me into the Catholic Church'" (Norma McCorvey, plaintiff in legalizing abortion who later turned pro-life, dead at 69, Aletia, 2/18/17).
  • "Before he left office, Obama pushed through an HHS regulation that essentially forces states to give Planned Parenthood Title X funding....Rep. Diane Black, R-TN, introduced H.J. Res. 43 to overturn what pro-life groups call the Obama administration's 'parting gift' to Planned Parenthood....'While this is merely taking back the small parting gift that President Obama left Planned Parenthood, the real prize is getting the Reconciliation bill passed by both Houses and signed by President Trump,' said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. "We are hopeful this bill is a step towards ultimately defunding the nation's abortion giant" (U.S. House votes to overturn Obama regulation forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood, Life SiteNews, 2/16/17).
  • "Without question, Planned Parenthood provides some morally unobjectionable health services to women. However, this statement is not unlike saying that a man who beats his wife sometimes gives her flowers....When individuals, particularly those in political office, gloss over or ignore the core issue of whether or not taxpayers should be funding the world’s largest abortion business by citing Planned Parenthood’s other services, they are engaging in obfuscation that is, at best, confused and, at worst, dishonest.  And when such individuals publicly hold themselves out to be Catholic, their local bishop has a responsibility to offer correction, both for the well-being of the individuals’ souls and to avoid scandal among the Catholic faithful" (Most Rev. Edward Scharfenberger, 2/13/17).
As per our bishops, we should contact the White House:
As per our bishops, we should contact our elected representatives in D.C.:
On the right side of the home page is a link to send a combined email to the offices of Pa's congressional delegation, regarding federal positions backed by our bishops (cf., Pa Catholic Conference, USCCB, USCCB's Justice for Immigrants, USCCB's Catholics Confront Global Poverty, Human Life Action, Human Life Action's 12/16/16 email.).
  • Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch are expected to start on March 20.  As per the Pa Pro Life Federation, "Please call and email U.S. Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey and let them know you want them to support Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. We recommend you call the Washington office and at least one of the local offices. If you get a recording, please leave a message. If the voice mailbox is full, try again later and make sure you send a written message through the link at the bottom of the phone list.

    "Here are the numbers to call for Senator Casey:
    (202) 224-6324--Washington office
    (610) 782-9470--Allentown office
    (814) 357-0314--Bellefonte office

    (814) 874-5080--Erie office
    (717) 231-7540--Harrisburg office 
    (215) 405-9660--Philadelphia office
    (412) 803-7370--Pittsburgh office
    (570) 941-0930--Scranton office

    "To send a written message to Senator Casey, go to his contact form here

    "Here are the numbers to call for Senator Toomey:
    (202) 224-4254--Washington office
    (610) 434-1444--Allentown office
    (814) 453-3010--Erie office
    (717) 782-3951--Harrisburg office

    (814) 266-5970--Johnstown office
    (215) 241-1090--Philadelphia office  
    (412) 803-3501--Pittsburgh office
    (570) 941-3540--Scranton office

    "To send a written message to Senator Toomey, go to his contact form here
    " (Pa Pro Life Federation, 2/1/17)

 As per the Pa Catholic Conference,

As per the Pa Pro Life Federation,
  • Let your state Senator know you don't want your right to vote for judges to be taken away (2/16/17)
  • Gov. Wolf defends inhumane dismemberment abortions (2/18/17)
On the right side of the home page is a link to send a combined email to Bucks County's representatives and senators in Harrisburg, asking for support of positions backed by the Pa Catholic Conference and/or the Pa Pro Life Federation.

Act now to stop assisted suicide (Diocese of Trenton, 11/4/16)

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