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Monday, February 13, 2017

FW: Dismemberment abortion ban--your help needed

Please note that the state representatives from Bucks County can be contacted at;;;;;;;;; and 

The new representative for District 31 is having an open house TODAY from 4pm to 6pm at his 91 South Main Street office in Yardley.  Though he is NOT pro life, he comes across as far more reasonable than his predecessor, Steve Santarsiero.  Perhaps, he can be persuaded to vote the right way on SB 3! 

In the Senate from Bucks County, Greenleaf (, Mensch (, and Tomlinson ( voted the right way on SB 3, while McIlhinney ( SHAMEFULLY voted AGAINST SB 3....

Did I mention that McIlhinney is the only 1 of the 4 senators believed to identify himself as "Catholic"?  What an embarassment!

From: Maria
Sent: ‎2/‎13/‎2017 8:22 AM
Subject: Dismemberment abortion ban--your help needed

Dear Pro-Life Leaders,

I wanted to give you this important update regarding the status of legislation to ban the brutal practice of dismemberment abortions in Pennsylvania—abortions in which babies are torn limb by limb from their mothers' wombs.

Attention now has turned to the PA House of Representatives. Members are not scheduled to return to Harrisburg for another month. In the meantime, news outlets have joined with pro-abortion forces in an effort to flood legislative offices with misinformation designed to prevent a dismemberment ban from becoming law.

Here is how you can help us ensure that gruesome dismemberment abortions are banned in PA:

·         If you have not already done so, please call and email your representative in the PA House of Representatives and urge him or her to support a ban on brutal dismemberment abortions. Consider calling both a district office and the Harrisburg office to ensure that your voice is heard. If you do not know who your state representative is, or you need contact info, please visit .  You might also consider writing a letter about the importance of passing a dismemberment ban this year and mailing it to your state representative. Please encourage your pro-life friends and family members to do the same. If you are able, you can also schedule a personal visit to your state representative's district office to encourage support for a dismemberment ban.  

·         Please write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper urging the passage of a dismemberment ban in the PA House.  For more information about dismemberment abortions, please visit .

·         The PA Senate recently passed Senate Bill 3, which bans the grisly practice of dismemberment abortions. It would also change the legal limit of abortions in PA from six months' to five months' gestation to reflect the medical advances that have been made in saving the lives of premature infants.
·         While the PA House previously passed a bill banning dismemberment abortions (House Bill 1948) last session, that bill died at the end of session in 2016. This means that the House must vote again this session to ban dismemberment abortions since the legislative process began all over again at the start of 2017.
·         If your state Senator voted for Senate Bill 3, please be sure to thank him or her by phone, email, and/or letter. If your state Senator voted against Senate Bill 3, please be sure to express your disappointment in his or her vote by phone, email, and/or letter.  To find out how your state Senator voted, visit .
·          News and infotainment organizations, such as the Philadelphia Daily News and Glamour magazine, have actually put out pro-abortion action alerts urging readers to urge members of the PA House of Representatives to vote against a ban on dismemberment abortions. These organizations have the potential of flooding legislative offices with pro-abortion propaganda. That is why it is so important that we call, email, write, and visit our state representatives and let them know that we do not want babies to be killed by ripping them apart, arm by arm and leg by leg.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that women and children in Pennsylvania are protected from the barbarity of brutal dismemberment abortions! Please share this email with all appropriate lists.

For Life!

Maria V. Gallagher
Legislative Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

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